Now Is a Great Time To Install Solar

Here’s 5 reasons why

  • Cost efficient: By installing a grid tied system, every watt produced by the sun will reduce your energy costs with very little maintenance.
  • With state and federal incentives in place, projects are more affordable than ever.
  • The system has the flexibility to be increased in size in the future.  This allows you to start out small and build over the years.
  • Surplus energy produced can be sold back to the power company.
  • Installing a photovoltaic system on you home will increase the value of the home.

Additional reasons to consider installing solar

  • It is possible to achieve energy independents with the use of an energy storage system
  • Modules mounted on a roof will reduce the amount of heat in the attic space and the home and therefore reduce cooling costs.
  • By installing a solar system on you property, you will be taking an active role in being a responsible steward of our natural resources.

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